How to install your Child Theme

After downloading your files, unzip the folder that has “UNZIP” in the file name (e.g.

Once you have unzipped the folder, the child theme folder must remain in a zipped format ( DO NOT unzip this folder as you will be uploading it to WordPress!

Do this first if you have RSS FEED on your current site if not skip to step 1 #

This is very important, before you start installing your new Kadence Child theme, disable or pause any automatic RSS-to-Email feeds that you may have on your current website BEFORE installing the Child theme. Kadence themes automatically installs demo content which includes the demo posts, and this posts will go out to your subscribers RSS FEED isn’t disabled first. Once the theme is installed, you can delete the demo posts by following this tutorial: Deleting Kadence Demo Posts, and then you can Enable or re-start your RESS FEED. NOTE: You don’t need to worry about this if your site is fresh install or you don’t have any RSS feed on you current website.

Step 1 #

Head over to your WordPress dashboard Navigate to Appearance > Themes >then click Add New at the top left and in the search box located at the top right, type in Kadence hover your mouse over Kadenece and click Install, once the Kadence theme id installed, DO NOT activate it.

Step 2 #

On the left side admin panel navigate to the Plugins page and click the “Add New” button at the top left, and Search for Starter Templates by Kadence WP”. Install and activate the plugin. This plugin will make it super easy to install your child theme template.

Step 3 #

Navigate back to Appearance > Themes and click the Add New button, then click upload and click choose file to select the Kadence child theme you purchased and upload it. (, and click the install button. Wait for the installation to complete and activate the Theme

Step 4 #

Navigate to Appearance > Starter Templates. You should now see the preview of the child theme template you purchased OR if you see a page with “Choose your builder”, click on the WPLifestyle Logo and then you will see a template preview of your purchased child theme.

Step 5 #

Click on the child theme template preview image and thanks to the Kadence starter template plugin, you will have the option to choose whether you want to install only theme content, the customizer settings, or both. By default, it will choose both for you, which is what I recommend if you want your website to look exactly like the demo.

Once you’re happy with your selected options, Click the Start Importing button.

Step 6 #

Wait for the import to complete (it could a few minutes) and then view your site which should look like the demo and Congratulations! you did that.